About us

Wee in size, big in heart!   Having struggled to find a decent “family friendly, slightly coolish coffee house” to go to when our kids were born, we took the plunge and decided in 2004 between our other “day-jobs” (my background was in retail and my husbands in photography)  to open our very own.  I say “house” in the lightest sense of the word, because we’re not quite sure what to call ourselves- coffee bar, bistro, coffee house, restaurant, café…have all been used to describe us in the past, and somehow, they all seem to fit.  What we do know is that our secret seems to be that we’re a little bit of all those things and so we usually end up just calling ourselves “D’nisi”.

Our concept was to set a new standard of coffee house in Scotland, serving a wonderful range of espresso based coffees, freshly prepared foods & soups and utterly amazing scones.  We wanted to prove to some of the big boys that us locals, whilst “wee-er”, could do it just as well, if not better, than them!  It’s a wee bit of a Scottish chip on our shoulder, to prove that we can do everything on our own or better.

We spent months & months testing coffees, food, cakes, ice creams etc. and at the end of it, apart from our additional few pounds in weight, we knew we’d struck gold with our amazing espresso coffee…whom has become the real star of our show!  Whilst both coffee fanatics, my husband is also fanatical about food tasting fresh & looking great and I’m fanatical about standards, detail and design, so together I guess that makes us fanatics for great service- which is great news for our customers!

A wee secret we’ll share with you… when we were working with customer groups testing which name they liked from our original hefty list, one of our ladies, typically full of Scottish humour, said “hen- I don’t really like any on your list, but your husband keeps calling you D’nisi, and that’s what I’d call your shop-it sounds very Mediterraneanish!”…and there and then everyone in the room agreed with her…  and though I doth protested, my wee nickname that my hubby used, was lost to me forever.  It still feels quite weird seeing my nickname above the doors, and when I hear people using it, I have a real mixture of emotions; sadness that I’ve had to share it with so many, and total pride that we’ve done so very well & become so well known & loved in Scotland.

So thank you to all our loyal customers and welcome to the new ones.

Here’s to us wee ones continuing to challenge the big ones!

Best wishes,

Denise (a true Scot) & Haim (an honorary Scot)